When you work with FoxArneson, we start serving you before construction even starts. It’s just one of the many reasons to start the construction process early. During the preconstruction phase of a construction project FoxArneson can assist in numerous factors that come into play before we even make our official “start:”

  • Preconstruction schedule including estimated timeframes
  • Municipal plan review and approvals
  • Value engineering analysis and suggestions
  • Comprehensive site selection
  • Conceptual engineering and budget assessment
  • Assess the methods for building assemblies
  • Evaluate lead times for building materials/assemblies/equipment
  • Detailed project schedule
  • Negotiation of competitive bids
  • Permitting and plan review

Lead Time

 After assessing the materials and building assemblies used on the project, your contractor can determine the potential lead times with suppliers. Unfortunately, another lasting effect of the pandemic is a disruption of supply chains. It’s hard to say right now, but it may never return to “normal.” With the increased demand and decreased supply, higher prices are forcing contractors to look to new vendors.

When you plan ahead for your commercial construction project, FoxArneson can take the time to get several prices on material and weigh out timeline and costs. With the market today, steel lead times especially have been stretched the max. It is important to start planning early so steel shop drawings can be approved, fabricated, and installed on time. You can also cut down construction time by using precast, which is molded offsite and then transported to the jobsite for installation.

 Delivery Method

The delivery method can determine the bid process and duration of the project. A common misconception with going the hard bid route, is that you are getting the best deal and value. The stringed out process of having to go through the design, then bid, then build phase requires more effort from you as an owner. Plus, when you hold separate contracts with the architect and general contractor, you lose collaboration. This results in spending more time and money on change orders and RFIs.

When going the design-build route you can have your vision, schedule, and budget work together efficiently. FoxArneson is still able to gather competitive bids from subcontractors and the team will understand the design and plan from a deeper level. Tasks like design, bidding, and construction can overlap, allowing for the construction process to speed up.


When putting together a schedule for the construction project there are several factors that need to be considered. Receiving submittals and going through the workflow process of approval can take time. That’s why understanding the construction process and the steps that need to be taken before other subcontractors come and perform their work is important. If one subcontractor delays, their work it can push everyone else’s timelines back. Spring and summer can often be a busy time for subcontractors, so it’s important to take this into account when planning when your project will take place.

Uncontrollable Conditions

Weather may be out of our control, but we can prepare for the colder months in the Midwest. Since site improvement, such as curb and gutter, asphalt paving, landscaping etc. can be dependent on the weather, we take the weather very seriously. Along with exterior building improvements, such as masonry, finish systems, painting etc. Plus, additional costs can occur in the winter to keep the site workable.

When you plan ahead, your FoxArneson can handle the unexpected obstacles that pop up. Being on time and on budget is always top of mind. By allowing buffers in schedule, you can be prepared for the unknowns in the construction process. Even better, when you go the design-build route, it can improve planning when you have streamlined communication and upfront collaboration.

In the long run, planning ahead can save you time and money. Two very valuable things that FoxArneson wants to deliver on for every project. Getting to the drawing board earlier can help us to help you. Let’s get started!