1. Project Team

Who you will be work with on a project is important. Are you in good hands? When you choose a design-build firm they most likely have a designer, engineer, project managers, and a project support team on staff.  When a construction company gathers a proposal for your project, it’s beneficial to review project teams resumes. Do they have experience working on the type of building you’re constructing?

2. Testimonials

Testimonials and references are also valuable. Are other reputable people willing to vouch for this company and the team within it? This can give you a clear sense of the experience that you can expect on your project. A long-term relationship with a client can show that they’re trusting and providing an excellent experience each time. FoxArneson is proud to say that we have a 40-year working relationship with Woodman’s Food Market.

3. Competitive Bids/Subcontractors

Project team includes subcontractors and suppliers. A construction company that has quality relationships with subcontractors in the area relative to your project is key. Often, this can guarantee the best price and quality work.

4. Safety EMR

EMR stands for experience modification rating. Having an EMR below 1.0 means that the company has safe construction sites and it’s not likely that there will be an accident. If the EMR goes above 1.0 that means the construction company is risker and more likely to have an accident. Accidents do happen, but when the same accidents happen time and time again that’s not a great sign. It’s important that construction companies take safety seriously and educate employees. FoxArneson has an EMR of .89

5. Experience

At FoxArneson providing a WOW experience is part of our mission. What does a WOW experience mean? Well, to us it means going above and beyond on each project by providing our clients excellent communication, service, and high quality of workmanship.

Most importantly don’t forget to find a construction company that listens and understands your visions. FoxArneson is dedicated to listening, planning, and delivering an excellent client experience.