Design-build involves one entity working under a single contract with the project owner to provide design and construction services. This form of delivery often can be faster than traditional building processes. There are several benefits to the design-build delivery method, to summarize a few: collaboration, streamline communication, more efficient, consistency etc.


Through every step of a design-build project, from planning, to design, to budgeting, to construction, the owner, engineer, architect, and construction management team is working together. Everyone works towards one common goal, which sparks efficiency and innovation. This method streamlines communication and allows for single point of contract for the owner. This makes one entity (FoxArneson) accountable for cost, schedule, and quality of performance. Design-build also helps streamline the construction process, and the owner does not have to worry about managing separate contracts and can have as much or as little involvement as desired. Additionally, there is less risk for the owner because the project is in the hands of the design-build team. Design-build also involves consistent budgeting and timeline. When the architect, engineer, and construction manager are all working together every step of the process, there is little wiggle room for error.


Step one is the selection phase, where you decide to work with a construction firm (FoxArneson), architect firm, and engineers. FoxArneson already has built connections with architects and engineers that they can bring to the table early in the conversation too if you’re not sure who to partner with. Once the “team” is determined, goals and visions for the project are discussed. Step two is planning where the vision will get aligned with budget, schedule, and preliminary drawings. Next step is design where drawings get finalized. This is followed by gathering competitive bids from subcontractors to confirm budget. With design-build, since there is early collaboration there should be minimal change orders. Last step is when construction begins, and your project comes to life! There are always unforeseen challenges that arise with each project. The goal with using the design-build method is that everyone is on the same page, there is no finger pointing, and the project runs smoothly.


The simple answer is, of course! Does early collaboration, lower project costs, and accurate project schedules sound great? If you’re an owner that would appreciate streamlined communication flow and less risk/burden, then this is the right method for you. The benefits are achievable for any project size and budget.


FoxArneson has a long-time relationship with Woodman’s Food Market. We have helped build all 19 Woodman’s, along with countless remodels and additions. Using the design-build method for the Woodman’s project, makes it very simple to build multiple locations. FoxArneson holds all information for each project, and we partner with architects and engineers. FoxArneson has the contracts with external architects and engineers. We also have an on-staff designer that works together with the external businesses. Woodman’s knows they can trust FoxArneson to get each project done on-time and within budget.

Here’s a testament to our work: “FoxArneson rolls with the changes and they’re very good at adapting and dealing with problems. I have a high degree of respect and trust in them, and I know they’re doing what’s best for Woodman’s.” – Bret Backus – Vice President of Real Estate Woodman’s Food Market, Inc.

Design-build is FoxArneson’s preferred delivery method. We believe that this method allows for easy communication and collaboration with the client at the main focal point.