Welcome Carolyn Tretina

Carolyn Tretina joined the FoxArneson team as our Business Development Manager. Carolyn works to build long-lasting relationships with growth-minded leaders who are looking to move their business forward. She listens to clients to provide a building experience that exceeds their expectations. Carolyn has an infectious positive attitude and we’re grateful to have her apart of the team.

More About Carolyn!

Carolyn’s father was a career union pipefitter with the Local 597 in Chicago spending most of his time as a General Foreman.  His oldest brother was a Business Agent in the same Union.  Therefore, it was at the table where dinner was served that Carolyn first experienced the trials, and challenges, successes, and excitement of construction.

Carolyn’s first real job out of school was at a company called Platinum Pictures Multimedia.  PPM was a 3D model generation company, and here Carolyn learned how to make 3D models for gaming and architectural use.  From this production role she grew into Business Development, selling advertising space on the website, and 3D CAFÉ. From here she underwent a 7-year apprenticeship under a Master Portrait Photographer, and ultimately became a Portrait Photographer herself. In this capacity, she developed and honed the psychology and human behavior skills that she uses in Business Development. In 2016, Carolyn came back to construction working her way through the AV and electrical trades.

In her spare time, she likes to bake in the fall and winter, and play golf and boat in the Spring and summer.

Connect with Carolyn on LinkedIn or send her an email at ctretina@foxarneson.com. She would love to hear from you!