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November 6


Gary Fox when he was young

Gary Fox joins Building Systems

Gary Fox joins Building Systems, Inc, as a design draftsman, beginning his career in commercial construction. Building Systems provides full construction, build-outs and remodels.

November 6


Gary Fox attains ownership stake

Gary Fox becomes a minority shareholder of Building Systems, Inc.

November 6


Building Systems-Findorff

Building Systems, Inc becomes a division of Findorff & Son Inc. Gary Fox leads the division.

November 6


FoxArneson General Contractor

Nicolet Bio-Medical project

First multi-story office and manufacturing facility constructed by Building Systems-Findorff.

November 6


Divestiture from Findorff

Building Systems-Findorff becomes its own corporation, named Building Systems General Corp. Gary Fox is appointed president, leveraging his experience in every area of construction — from estimating and accounting to project development and project management.

November 6


Woodman's in 1983

Woodman’s Food Markets project

The first large-format store is constructed by Building Systems. This begins a working relationship with Woodman’s Food Markets that is still going strong today.

November 6


FoxArneson General Cotntractor

Oakbridge project

A 50,000 sqft award-winning retail center is built on the west side of Madison, Wisconsin.

November 6


Jim Arneson VP Operations

Jim Arneson is appointed Vice President of Operations.

November 6


Madison Gas and Electric

Madison Gas & Electric project

An office base station and vehicle storage facility for outside crew members.

November 6


Orbit Technologies Madison WI

Space Center project

The company’s first experience building to meet aerospace manufacturing standards.

November 6


Gary Fox buys out the company

Gary Fox buys out Building Systems General Corporation from J.H. Findorff & Son. Jim and Carrie Arneson become minority shareholders.

November 6


Woodman's Headquarters in Janesville, WI

Woodman’s Food Markets Corporate Headquarters project

A focal-point, 3-story office building is built to house Woodman’s Food Markets’ new corporate headquarters.

November 6


Edgewood School Madison WI

Edgewood Campus School project

The company’s first experience in classroom design and construction.

November 6


Farm & Fleet Rockton IL

Blain’s Farm & Fleet project

Blain’s Farm & Fleet large-format construction begins ongoing relationship.

November 6


Woodman's Altoona

16th Woodman’s Food Markets project

Completion of 16th Woodman’s Food Markets large-format grocery store and adjoining gas station/convenience store complex.

November 6


Name change to FoxArneson

Name change to FoxArneson reflects both the founding heritage and 2nd-generation leadership of the company. Jim Arneson succeeds Gary Fox as president and owner and Gary Fox is appointed Chairman of the Board.

November 7


Construction Management, General Contracting and Design+Build
FoxArneson completed the 18th Woodman’s Food Market in Lakemoor, IL with the design+build delivery method. FoxArneson managed the UW Warf office renovation project. Along with renovating the fourth floor of Henry Mall for the Office of Strategic Consulting.

July 9


University of Wisconsin Madison Projects
Revamped the original 1954 Ingraham Hall classrooms. Created a state-of-the-art A/V classroom at the Pyle Center. Renovated Engineering Hall’s entrance on the UW campus. Renovated classrooms at Bascom/Van Vleck Hall.

July 9


Grocery Market Growth
FoxArneson started building a new Woodman’s Food Market, Gas & Lube and Car Wash center in Bloomingdale, IL. Started construction on Woodman’s unattended gas stations in Buffalo Grove and Lakemoor, Illinois. The Woodman’s gas/lube & car wash was rebuilt on the east side of Madison. FoxArneson completed Hy-Vee Ailes Online Kiosk to meet needs of online grocery shopping.

July 9


Blain’s Farm & Fleet Project Ramp Up
FoxArneson remodeled a Shopko store into a Blain’s Farm & Fleet in Monroe, WI. Started Blain’s Farm & Fleet Oak Creek remodel by downsizing the sales floor to increase warehouse storage and add drive-up canopy.

“Work ethic and integrity is what you get when you work with FoxArneson. ”

Joyce Wodka – Business Manager Edgewood Campus School

“They are not looking to work for somebody, they are looking to work with them.”

Mike Froseth – Senior Construction Project Manager Blain’s Farm & Fleet

“Their attention to detail, service and turnaround time is extraordinary, whether it’s a conceptual site plan or an estimate for roadway. ”

Bret Backus – Vice President of Real Estate Woodman’s Food Markets, Inc.

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