Look into our crystal ball for five commercial construction trends to look for in 2022.

  1. Automation and Robotics

Labor shortages have caused bumps in the road for many businesses. Adding building automation and robotics has proven to solve some labor shortage issues. With the driving force of e-commerce, businesses have begun relying on highly automated warehouses to keep up with consumer demand. Automation also allows teams to work safer and more efficiently, creating a more productive and consistent output. This model’s success has caused corporations to rethink infrastructure and the production flow of their own organizations.

  1. Building Sustainably

Concern about environmental impact in construction has always been an issue. Which is why trends are moving towards more environmentally friendly building; so called Green Building. While it may seem counter-intuitive, in the long run, building sustainably can significantly reduce costs, and minimize waste. Sustainably sourced materials and buildings that create carbon-neutral emissions are becoming more popular. As for the human element, the materials going into a Green Building, along with more open spaces and large widows that allow natural sunlight to filter inside, can greatly improve cognitive function which is good for the business bottom line.

  1. Retail to Industrial Conversion

E-commerce continues to surge, and foot traffic has continued to decline. Retail stores are evolving where they act as distribution centers, pick-up locations, and showrooms. To keep up with the e-commerce demand it is imperative that businesses modernize their infrastructure and warehouse space to meet demand. Remodeling of retail centers and new warehouse/distribution center construction will be very popular in 2022.

  1. Office Demand Rebound

Although the hybrid office model is predicted to leave its mark on the industry, as Covid-19 restrictions continue to be lifted workers will return to the office. JLL reported that 60% of people miss in-person interactions. It is predicted that February will be the tipping point to when businesses with will reevaluate their office set up. (Our Business Development Manager predicts not until late Spring/Early Summer when more of the mandates have been figured out and it is generally better weather outside.)

  1. Building Material

Supply chain issues will flow over to 2022 and cause for long lead-time issues and inflated cost of material. Waiting for material prices to go down to start your project is not always the best solution. Lead times to receive materials will continue to get pushed back and can drastically affect project deadlines and bottom line, and time is money. Communication is the best method to handle this situation. Set realistic expectations up and down the line, using clear, kind, and consistent communication to move the project forward toward a successful completion is how the playbooks of the winners in 2022 will read.

FoxArneson is excited by the promise and possibility afforded by a new year! If you’re ready to join us in this excitement and are thinking of new spaces, contact us to move your business forward.