Has your business evolved and now you’re finding that your current building needs to adapt to keep up? Whether your building is starting to show its age, or it needs to be updated or expanded to match your pace of growth, FoxArneson has the skills and experience to assist you through this exciting evolution.

When you start working with FoxArneson, we begin with our preconstruction services. Our professionals will inspect your current space and offer estimates on:

  • Pricing input
  • Construction methods assessment
  • Value engineering
  • Timeline evaluation
  • Identification of municipal approvals

And with that information, we can then help you assess whether the right move is to remodel or simply build new. There are several factors involved with making this decision.


Do you enjoy your space but can tell it is not aging well? With appearance of COVID-19, a respiratory disease, many businesses have become aware of lacking or improper ventilation in their buildings. In larger structures, HVAC systems filter the air before it circulates in the space, but if the systems are not up to par, the air quality may be lower than desired. Updated air cleaners and HVAC filters better remove pollutants from indoor spaces and upgrading your HVAC system can help you control costs.

Older buildings are often less energy- and cost-efficient when it comes to heating and cooling. Energy-efficient roofs and construction materials play a critical role in reducing energy costs. Plus, installing energy-efficient windows and window glazing will help manage heat loss/gain.

The layout of a space affects the efficiency of operations. To function efficiently, circulation paths and footprints are important when determining how to organize your space. Depending on what all needs to be upgraded, the decision to build new might be the right one.


If you’ve been in your space for a long time, it’s possible your business has simply outgrown it. The solution might be to expand. How much additional space do you need to meet your needs? A general recommendation is to have 250 square feet per employee.

Early in the process, FoxArneson’s design team can help determine if your current space is functional and develop a clear plan for expansion. Questions raised would include: Where is the need for more space stemming from? Do you need a break room, conference rooms, storage/warehouse areas, a space to receive materials, or space to send out finished products? It’s hard to determine where your company might be in the next five to 10+ years, but FoxArneson can help guide you into a space that will comfortably accommodate your needs.


Depending on your business model and industry, location could be a driving factor to build new. Is it important to be closer to your consumers? We already mentioned in our post on the cold storage boom that micro-fulfillment centers can increase the efficiency of a business by reducing the distance between the product and end consumer. If you need multiple spaces to meet demand from consumers, it’s always an option to repurpose an existing space.


When determining whether to remodel or build new, budget is a key factor. The time of year you plan to break ground can affect pricing, and HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems are key drivers of costs. Other primary expenses are building structures and assemblies, whether that’s concrete, precast, masonry, steel, wood, etc.

When you work with the design+build construction team at FoxArneson, you can save time on project deliveries and reduce costs. Speak with one of our experts to identify the project costs to meet your vision and how to get started. We’ll be by your side every step of the way and help you determine whether to renovate/expand your space or build new.