As an owner, selecting your project delivery method is often the first major decision made. When you select a method, it guides you on selecting design and construction experts for your project. Not every construction project or project owner is the same. When choosing the best delivery method for your project consider — control, relationships, budget, schedule, and risk.

 Design Bid Build

The design bid build delivery method is also known as the “traditional” delivery method. The owner first selects an architect to design the project. Then the project gets sent out for bid to a selection of general contractors. A general contractor is then selected, and the owner holds the contracts for both the architect and construction partner. Owners often feel they are getting the best possible price when multiple bids are solicited. The downfall to this method is that the owner is more involved in managing the project and holds part responsibility for the outcome of the project. Often there are more change orders and RFIs (request for information). There can also conflict between the architect and construction partner because they aren’t working together from the start of the project.

Construction Management

The construction management delivery method is a commitment by the construction manager to perform and deliver a project within a defined schedule and price. There are separate contracts with the designer and construction manager. In general, the owner is responsible for the details of design, and liable for gaps between the plans and specs. The construction management team can provide pre-construction services and then serve as a general contractor when the project starts. When building begins, the owner can be more hands-off and approve smaller details when necessary. It is the construction manager’s responsibility to choose and manage subcontractors on the job. The construction manager can add their construction expertise by providing services such as budgeting, value engineering, scheduling, and planning.

Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated project delivery (IPD) fully integrates project teams to take advantage of the knowledge of each team member to maximize project success. This form of delivery allows the owner, architect, and constructor to collaborate and align to achieve the best result. IPD allows for up-front collaboration, which can allow for greater innovation and fewer change orders and RFIs — helping keep the project on budget and on schedule. Before the project starts, you will be able to identify potential problems and find solutions. IPD gives you the chance to communicate openly and be more transparent. By being able to communicate and work toward one common goal, means it is rare that there are misunderstandings.

Design + Build

Design build involves one entity working under a single contract with the project owner to provide design and construction services. This form of delivery often can be faster than traditional building processes. Like IPD, everyone is working toward one goal, which sparks efficiency and innovation. The owner has a single point of contact, making one entity accountable for cost, schedule, and quality of performance. Design build helps streamline the construction process, and the owner does not have to worry about managing separate contracts and can have as much or as little involvement as desired. Additionally, there is less risk for the owner because the project is in the hands of the design build team. This is FoxArneson’s preferred delivery method. We believe that this method allows for easy communication and collaboration with the client at the main focal point.


FoxArneson serves numerous industries — including retail, grocery, gas/lube/c-store, education, corporate office, and warehouse/distribution — and can deliver a project by any of these methods. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality builds on time and on budget. Do you have a delivery method you would like to try on your next project? Reach out to us today so we can help you determine which one is right for your situation.