When working with a contractor you want to make sure they will be by your side every step of the way. They can provide peace of mind by being able to be on site at any time, by having relationships in the community and knowledge of the area. Are you starting up a new project and debating if you hire a national contractor or a regional contractor? Here are only a few benefits of working with a regional contractor:

Strong Relationships

A regional contractor has connections with area subcontractors, which can save you money because subcontractors likely will have a shorter drive to get to your jobsite. When you hire locally, cross-check references and understand a local contractor’s reputation in your community. A regional contractor is more likely than a national contractor to be concerned about its standing in the area because of the opportunity to build relationships that lead to repeat business. Rely on references from people you trust, such as neighbors, community members, and fellow business owners.

 Greater Availability

 Going local gives you the benefit of having better access to your contractor. A local contractor:

  • can zip over to your jobsite when problems arise;
  • can make routine stops to keep an eye on how things are going;
  • is easier to get a hold of when you have questions.

A nimble, flexible contractor can respond quickly and stay on top of every detail of your project. Hiring an out-of-town contractor, on the other hand, doesn’t give you the same type of access and can result in project delays and budget overruns — and you might be left in the dark once the project is complete.

Community Support

It is valuable to both yourself and your community to keep hard-earned money within the local economy. When you hire independent, locally owned businesses run by women, families, or minorities, you can feel good about where your money is going while reinvesting in your community.

Smoother Process

Regional contractors understand the ins and outs of the market where you are building, which can speed up the construction process and save you money. They will have expert knowledge of such things as:

  • Local regulations
  • Legislative hurdles
  • Permits
  • City approvals

Hiring locally also guarantees your contractor is insured and licensed in the area.

Access to Leadership

When you work with a regional contractor, you gain the benefit of working directly with the leadership team, which can provide better oversight on a project every step of the way. Developing relationships with a diverse group of company employees will produce a shared vision for the project.

With a national contractor, you’ll have a team dedicated to your project but likely not the higher-up support you might be looking for.

Now that you have considered the benefits of working with a local/regional contractor, are you ready to take the next step? FoxArneson is a knowledgeable contractor who has built relationships in the Madison and surrounding communities to provide the best price and quality project. FoxArneson is flexible and able to provide the best possible service. You will even see our leadership out in the field helping however they can.