What We Do

Our focus is on creating spaces that allow our clients to advance, innovate or improve their performance and productivity while being respectful of the project owners’ investments.



FoxArneson is with you every step of the way and listening to your project needs.

During the design and development project phase, we fine tune the budget based on historical data and subcontractor input. We also analyze the project scope and identify potential alternative methods and/or materials so we can provide cost reduction alternatives for consideration. Once the design is completed, we solicit bids, using our vast network of subcontractors and suppliers to ensure you receive the best pricing.

Site Selection

FoxArneson can help you determine if a site is right for your project.

Even before the purchase is made, we assist in ensuring the property will meet your requirements. From site selection and municipal approvals, to scope, size and design, we get all team players together and use our knowledge and expertise to create a budget that won’t lead to surprises later in the project.

General Contracting

FoxArneson understands what’s at stake and don’t take lightly the trust you place in us to bring your vision to life.

In this fixed-cost bidding process, FoxArneson is the at-risk general contractor hired by the client after the design is completed. We are responsible to complete the project for the approved cost, by the agreed date.

Construction Management

FoxArneson is dedicated to ensuring the plans and processes are in place for each project that will reduce potential risks and eliminate uncertainty

Working with the client’s design team early in the project, FoxArneson assists in identifying areas to control budget and accelerate the schedule. Once the design is complete, we competitively select subcontractors and manage the construction of the project.


FoxArneson simplifies the construction process.

Design-Build is a process where FoxArneson has the responsibility and final accountability as the provider of both design and construction. Whether we use in-house design staff or work with external consultants, we provide a single source of oversight to control cost, schedule, quality and safety. This method allows for an earlier establishment of a guaranteed maximum price and the ability to fast track the schedule.


Architecture, Engineering & Preconstruction Services


Project Management & Commercial Construction


Architecture, Engineering & Preconstruction Services


Project Management & Commercial Construction

Here’s the difference between Design+Build and a traditional build

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