It’s become apparent that some trends in the construction industry resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic may stick around for the foreseeable future. Innovations in construction management methods, supply chain distribution, modular/offsite construction and jobsite safety may never return to “normal.” While there are always growing pains surrounding change, shifts in the construction industry are making projects run more efficiently, more safely and — if done right —more timely.

Project Management
Project management has evolved in the past year to include much more technology on the jobsite and in the office. Drones, artificial intelligence and virtual management tools have allowed for real-time management whether on-site or off. According to an article by Big Rentz,“smart” contracts are paving the way for a shared platform to do business with more efficient closeouts, improved security, better project tracking, and an automated supply chain that keeps a project running smoothly and organized when people aren’t able to meet in person. Although drones aren’t a new tool in construction management, their importance in running a time-effective project have made them a staple. Drones also produce real-time imagery of a jobsite that companies can use to showcase their abilities to potential clients. See some of our drone footage on our website.

Supply Chain Distribution
Levelset reports the disruption of supply chains may never return to normal. The construction industry is built on relationships and loyalty. However, the pandemic has forced contractors to look to new vendors for supplies due to high prices and reduced availability. Because of increased demand and decreased supply, many contractors are including escalation clauses to prepare for unforeseen cost increases. Expertise in subcontracting gives FoxArneson a large number of distribution contacts that will work with us to get our clients the best price.

Modular & Offsite Construction
In order to stay on pace with projects while adhering to safety, more contractors are opting for modular or offsite construction. While this trend has been steadily rising for years, it boomed in 2020. Modular construction allows for lower work density because the structures used to manufacture buildings are huge, making social distancing easier for workers. According to Linchpin, the modular construction market will grow to $157 billion by 2023 as demand for inexpensive manufacturing and a lack of skilled laborers increase. FoxArneson has years of experience working with precast concrete and is an expert in offsite construction. See our precast work on Woodman’s Grocery Stores.

Jobsite Safety
Aside from increased sanitation measures enforced on all jobsites, adjustments to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus disease, such as social distancing, have challenged the ability to work closely as a team. However, the decreased number of workers on a given jobsite provides better visibility and ultimately prevents unforeseen injuries as a result. As a company that subcontracts our construction teams, FoxArneson can swap out our teams at any time — giving us better flexibility to handle project timelines and/or cost.

Adjusting to the new normal had to happen rapidly in 2020. Changes in construction management, jobsite safety, distribution, and offsite construction changed almost overnight. However, now that we are well into 2021, we can see how beneficial a lot of these changes will be for the future of construction. FoxArneson always has been a nimble expert with the ability to adapt to and overcome any bumps in the road. Contact us for your next project and experience the build: better way.