Have you outgrown your office space? Or maybe it needs a facelift? A successful commercial build-out project transforms a dull space into one that is more productive and engaging for your employees.

Following are five things to include in your office build-out project plan:

  1. Before you start construction, conduct a site evaluation between your general contractor and the other subcontractors on the project (e.g. electricians, furniture company, etc.). During this visit, the plans will be reviewed (e.g. where outlets will go) and other project concerns will be addressed.
  2. Confirm you have all the required paperwork. For example, you’ll need clearance from the building owner, construction permits and insurance proof.
  3. Since an office build-out requires working with numerous subcontractors, create a schedule to keep your employees informed. For example, when will the technicians drop cabling, what day will the electrician install wall and ceiling feeds or when is the plumber going to work on your employee break room.
  4. Although prices vary, expect to pay approximately $65/square foot for a commercial build-out. Note that due to COVID-19, the costs of materials have increased, and it can take longer to receive the materials.
  5. Once everything has been installed, schedule a final check (“punch list”) to ensure everything is the way you’d like it (e.g. design, lights, furniture, etc.).


FoxArneson specializes in both design and building services for corporate offices, including build-outs to help maximize functional space.